Monday, March 22, 2010

he's half the man he used to be....

Jack Black before the deed~

Jack White waiting his turn~

it took two to hold him down~


a smaller Jack Black~

Sat. we finally got around to shearing one of the goats. We waited too long and some of their fleece was already felted , still we got plenty . If you'd like to read the longer version you can go to my Manly Mans blog.


  1. It looks more like a sheep. Our goats tend to be non-shaggy, and are never shawn.

    Well done to 'him-outdoors'. Bisou, Cro.

  2. I like the way of your to cut the sheep hairs. Thanks!

  3. Gee. Whoever thought you'd have to shear a goat? But I guess that makes sense if they're long haired. Are there long haired goats? "Well, I guess there are", says the dumb bell city girl.