Wednesday, March 24, 2010

looking out

Well I just hate weeks like this, when the weather is beautiful and I'm stuck in the house trying to get feeling better. drat,drat,drat! I had planned on attacking our last patch of ivy in the front yard. Our house was overgrown with ivy when we moved here 15 years ago and its a bugger to pull out. Well, I imagine it'll be there next week when I'm feeling better, don't you think? Some things you can always count on still being there , waiting for you , like housework , washing , weeds.....
On the up side I am grateful that my healths been so good this winter, the best in years. I'm not sure why, maybe because we've had more sun this winter? I'v got my vitamin D levels up where there suppose to be?? So, I'll take one for the team this week, and count my blessings and just enjoy looking out this week.


  1. Not even a sniffle this winter! I think it's because we have no children around (they spread germs like crazy).

    Get well soon, Cro.

  2. I hope you'll feel better and be able to look in soon!

  3. The only good thing is all that work WILL be waiting for you when you get better. ;-) Feel better soon!