Friday, March 26, 2010

who runs (trys) the house!

A few weeks ago three year old Elise got in big trouble from her daddy for drawing on her face. Well....not too many days afterward her daddy came home from work (big basketball game) with his face painted in two colors. Elise met him at the door. (she's a daddy's girl) Elise took one look at him and laid in , "daddy you are in big trouble, your not allowed to draw on your face, I'm going to tell mommy!"

Not long after that was bedtime and Elise told her daddy, " Daddy raise your hand and say, "I will pop popcorn for Elise and watch Dog Whisperer with her."

It dosn't hurt to keep go girl!


  1. So funny, Linda! I laughed so hard!

  2. What a sweet story!
    I had a nice catch up today on all your doings. I'm sorry you've been feeling poorly - I hope you'll soon be up and about. Today it's raining cats and dogs up here, so I'm having a cosy day too.