Thursday, April 22, 2010

lovely lilacs

The Lilac Thief

She is aghast
as I explain that once each year,
just about now,
I drive slowly through the neighborhoods casing likely targets,
and when I find one,
I park just across the street and walk over
with a great inner calm.
I use the very sharpest snips possible,
and cut one, two, but never more than three
clumps of perfectly bloomed purple lilacs,
then move on until the lead-heavy scent
inside the car makes me almost dopey.
I bring them home and arrange them in vases,
place them where they will find afternoon light.
But, she cries, that is just wrong!
Lilacs belong to all the people.
Yes, I say. Yes.
And I am one of the people.

- Young Dawkins

(I have my own lilacs now but am I the only one that's ever stolen lilacs?)


  1. I'm hoping my lilacs have some blooms this year - stinkin' root stock!

  2. I once had a good sized holly tree that was filled with berries. On the day before Christmas I went down to pick some and found that the WHOLE TREE had been sawn off and pinched! Not quite the same as a few blooms of lilac, but....

    Our lilac here is nowhere near flowering. Bisou, Cro.

  3. I've just been out, and the lilac is in flower everywhere. It's just MINE that's not; I think I cut it back too much last year.

  4. Never cut lilac back!
    I think I would be tempted to do that also, I dont have a lilac, and do love the flowers, especially the white ones.

  5. Sorry cro I'v done that before also! And as Elizabethd says never cut them back! I was wondering why yours wern't out since its warmer there than here? heaven is waking up and smelling lilacs.(you might have to resort to stealing this year)

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