Saturday, May 22, 2010

I'm having a hard time today getting pictures to do what I want them to do! Yesterday it was lovely in the morning and we sat on the porch(Conner and I) watching the children play and soaking up the sun. I could just feel it replenish my empty vit.D vials.

My beautiful Iris are showing their lovely colors, how kind they are to me. Its only been two years since a friend gave me bulbs she dug out of her yard. Perinneals are so wonderful, I just love them.

My Rhody tree is almost in bloom, always the last in town to bloom. That little bit of red is Luna climbing as high as she can go.
My granddaughter took this of my front gate (actually the gate broke). When we first moved on this property there were way to many cedar trees, even one right in front of our front door (don't ask me how they built the house around it!). We had 15 trees taken down (it hurt) and it opened things up so much. My husbands a gardener and we had to have light. So he cleverly built us a cedar fence , making all the fencing himself. Well, fifteen years later its starting to need some TLC.
I was reading a blog I like this morning and  thought some of you might be interested in joining her letter writing  idea. I'm excited about it, I love to meet new people and also hate to see letter writing become a lost art. So, here's her blog if your interested.

Last night Becky and her husband went out on the town to a nice restaurant. They spent the night since the children were here and are off  to the childrens museum. anyway.............when I got up this morning (and I had the best nights sleep I had in weeks!) my daughter asked where the vacuum was. I said , you are not going to vacuum my floor! She said, "Listen I might only have one boob but I can still take you out and I am going to vacuum!" Needless to say I let her! If humor can heal!

Have a great week-end where ever you are!


  1. I like your fence, even if it is a bit rickety. Our Irises have been extra good this year as well. I'm not really a flower gardener, but everything seems to be in bloom. 29 degrees C forecast for today.

    Bisou, Cro.

  2. Your yard is so beautiful. I hope we can get ours somewhere close to as pretty and serene someday. Do you remember those ugly leaves on the side of our house? Now they have an odd ugly flower. I think I might post a picture and giveaway... Think anybody will want it?

  3. I like a cedar fence very much - especially when new - they smell so good!
    Glad to hear that your daughter's sense of humour is well and thriving!

  4. Wow. Your daughter is going to make it for sure-the "nothing can stop me" attitude! Good for her. By the way-when we moved into our house the backyard was filled with trees and had a brown cedar fence. It was very drab and dark back there with not much chance for gardening success and yet with a very large raised garden. Only raspberries would thrive there. So (ha ha it was my idea this time) I suggested that we chop down all the trees (I know if was painful) because our yard is fairly small and all our neighbors around us have big ones that are shading our yard. There may be a fence but there are still trees that feel like ours. Even with that we still needed light. So, I suggested we paint the fence a light cream color. You wouldn't believe how that helped to reflect the light! We do have to trim with permission our neighbors giant pine tree every once in a while because it really can get in the way of sun. Last time, a year ago, he had to rent one of those cherry pickers to do it. What a smile was on that man's face. You can see it on my blog under the family and friends topic. I'm sure your husband would have loved to have a turn on that thing. It's a guy kind of experience, you know.

  5. I love the pictures of your gardenand the cedar fence, Linda. Great to hear Becky is doing so well. Love to you all Molly xx

  6. My Irises are blooming too! Tell Margie thanks from me!