Sunday, May 2, 2010

take alittle test

what boasts these different names?

Mississippi Delta
Pineapple Upside Down Cake
Rainforest Sunrise
Journey's End
Blue Hawaii
Amazing Grace
Inspire Greatness
A Many Splendored Thing

Whatever it is, those names make you want one don't they!

Well, these are different kinds of one of my favorite plants , "Hosta's". I love them! I don't have alot of different kinds because their alittle pricey and I just keep dividing mine.  Like anything else you could really get addicted as I've read online. People trade, share, and discuss. Like I said it could be addicting. Bloggings my only addiction I have time for.

Hostas are kinda grouped by leaf leaves, green leaves, variegated leaves.....Most grow in the shade , but, some need alittle sun to flower. Like most of my plants, I don't baby them and if I have to , their gone. So, my Hostas have been good to me, and in turn I love them.  My favorite being the variegated.

You can divide them any time of year but the best month is August. Their easy to divide. Dig up the clump, wash the dirt off the roots so you can see where you want to cut without doing to much damage. Cut from the top down. Plant as soon as possible so the roots don't dry out.


  1. I have two hostas that had, until recently, been fenced in against the deer. Now they are free of wire and looking great! I want to start a little collection too, but will be some dividing to spread the beauty around.

  2. Do you think those gigantic leaves on the side of my yard are some kind of overgrown hostas?

  3. Beth, I looked at those and they don't look like a hostas, I would be curious as to what they are though?? Their not really very pretty.

  4. Hostas are essential garden plants. Just watch out for the slugs!

    Happy gardening. Bisou, Cro.

  5. Awe yes Cro, the slugs. It's interesting which ones their interested in, some of mine they don't even bother, some they won't leave alone. Were so far away, but so much is alike...

  6. Oh Linda, Hostas - I love them I have got 4 different varieties in my garden but don't know the names of them as they've mostly been aquired through 'cuttings' from friends.

  7. Molly, now thats the best way to start hostas!