Friday, June 25, 2010

house in the weeds

I knew there was a reason I wasn't weeding this summer! So my creative grandchildren could make darling weed houses! I wanted to just climb in curl up and go to sleep. Mamma Lia and the Holligans came over  yesterday , she added her wonderful head to the gang!       (her hubby's in Tenn. this wk. Boy, is he going to be surprised.)                                                                                                                                            

These two cousins have been fast friends since birth.It was nice sitting out in the yard and enjoying it instead of just looking at it as I go in the house and thinking I just really don't care.Cozy and Annika trying to catch a chicken.


  1. what cute pictures!! I love the house of weeds!Lia looks so cute...I really didn't expect everyone to look so good. I imagine when it starts to grow out it will be harder to keep :-) take care Penny

  2. What wonderful memories those little ones will have of their house in the weeds!
    I weeded ALL DAY yesterday, and pulled sucker trees out of the ponds. I loved it - and you and your Becky and her family we well and truly prayed for.

  3. dearest pondside,
    glad you got some weeding done, it does feel good. I got some done yesterday also!

  4. Are you sure there aren't some Hobbits living in there? I thought I saw some!