Thursday, July 8, 2010

here's to you White Jackie

I spent a good part of the afternoon at the library being that it was 95 today and we don't have air conditioning, it seemed like a good place to be! I'm giving a talk in church Sunday so it was also a quiet place to do some pondering and writing. My scarf didn't stay on too long today.....too hot! I forget about my hair til someone discretly looks alittle long at me, not that I mind, I know its just curiousity. A little sign that says "bald for Becky" might be nice?
We had a lovely dinner last night, unfortuneatly it was compliments of White Jackie. A first for all of us, it wasn't bad at all or I should say it was wonderful since I wouldn't want to hurt White Jackies feelings.
My Manly Mans not one to ever let meat go to waste, which I admire, but, trust me we've had some things in our freezer that wouldn't have been there if I had it my way! six foot rattlers, raccoons,  weird fish, squirrel.......


  1. Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh - don't let Millie, Alice and Mona know or they'll be jumping the fence and heading off.

  2. I'm with the MM on this one. Waste is sin. Although I think I might draw the line at SNAKE.

  3. Cro, the snake was for his scouts .They ate it and tanned the hide for projects. That's how those texans do it! But, it sat in my freezer for quite awhile.