Friday, July 30, 2010

We love you Becky!

I've had a lovely week with Becky and her little ones. Most of the time we've just hung out, did alittle sewing, ate yummy food, smiled with Conner......Becky even got it into her head that she wanted to make cookies for some of the people that have been so good to them(I say some because there have been alot!)......crazy girl........its always good to give back , a great lesson for the girls. They made the thank-you notes (SO cute) and the deliveries.
Next Tuesday Becky has a scan to see if the chemo's been doing it's job! Fortunately we have a busy week-end for a distraction! Everyone's coming for Little John's blessing this Sunday. A joyous occasion!
Rachel's busily getting ready to move in a week. She's relocating to Portland! We'll be empty nesters again! We'll sure miss them.
I just finished reading a book called "the pull of the moon" by Elizabeth Berg. Still can't decide if I liked it. Maybe I'm jealous that she had the time and money to take off to find herself at  fifty......or maybe I'm past that adjustment....... it was alright.


  1. What a full life you have right now, Linda. It's a wonder to me that you have five minutes to sit, let alone to sit and read. Elizabeth Berg isn't a writer that I like a lot, and I'm getting tired of women writing about leaving life and hieing off to find themselves.
    Hugs and prayers to you and your Becky.

  2. Yes, we do love you Becky. And we're so glad that you are getting to play with Becky so much! (but a little jealous!) The worse part of watching her kids during chemo is thinking how much I wish she were down partying with us! (and I am sure she wishes the same thing. Chemo or Sarah's house...hmmm)

  3. Pondside, Yea I think that's why I didn't like it.Deal with it and get on with life and DO THINGS for other people...that'll make you feel better about yourself!

  4. Bless Becky and we're all of us right there alongside you Linda. So precious to spend time together. All our very best to you all. love Molly x