Monday, September 6, 2010

mission accomplised

Who would choose to go into Seattle on a Saturday, on Labor Day week-end you ask. Well, a girl on a mission of course! I actually found myself feeling alittle giddy about going somewhere one might consider a "vacation get away".  Pike's Place Market is one of the big draws in Seattle with good reason. 

You can find vendors that sell anything your little heart desires.(if you can see through the crowd!) The flowers are always exceptionally beautiful and cheap.Rubbing shoulders you hear a variety of languages  as wonderful smells hit you from all directions.


and out . I stop to listen to a few artists singing, playing and even dancing.I love it

Then my nostrels are assulted with the smell of fresh seafood. Famous for their fish throwing service a crowd is gathered around as they assure you they'll send fresh salmon overnight anywhere in the states. Since my Manly Man didn't get any fishing in this year I stand drooling at the salmon. Finally one of the white aproned , fish throwing  helpers offer me a good price if I'll buy two. Sold!

I really did come on a mission and after alot of walking find the store I'm looking for.

Tenzing MoMo, an herb store that's been in business at the market for thirty years.Full of character and charm I wanted to look around before purchasing what I came for. Crystals, incense, and aromatherapy oils make for a wonderful combined smell.  You see I've been looking for a reputable place I could buy fresh herbs to make a tea for Becky. For months all kinds of people have asked, "Have you tried the tea?" I believe timing is everything, and the timing just seems right. This tea is called  "Essiac" named after a nurse who got the recipe from an Indian tribe in Canada in the early 1900's. It's her name spelled backwards. It's an interesting story , unfortunatly ends up being political. So, the clerk says he isn't allowed by law to say the name but seeing that he sells it alot , already knows the herbs I'm looking for and the proportions.  Burdock Root, Sheeps Sorrel, Turkey rubarb root and Slippery Elm.
It's suppose to shrink tumors, build your immune system, help with the side effects of chemo and just help promote an overall sense of well being. I'm going to try it , hoping it helps my chronic fatigue. So, watch out cancer.

So, misson accomplished I sit for awhile, do alittle people watching, eat my Russian pastry , before heading home from my little vacation.


  1. I've heard of essiac - anything new (although it's not new!) or outside traditional medicine is always treated as suspect. There is quite a market for essiac though, and I've never heard a bad thing about it, so I hope it is good for Becky.

  2. Linda - Is so enjoyed accompanying you on your mission. All my thoughts are around Becky. You are such a lovely special mom!

  3. good to hear Pondside. I guess the hardest thing is getting fresh herbs, nothing grown outside the US, so...I was so glad to find this place and close to us! We've sure heard good things about it.

  4. Seattle looks like fun. I could spend hours in that market.

    I hope your Essiac does all you wish. The best recommendations always come from those who've benefited in the past. I'm a great believer in nature's medecine; the food we eat, etc.

  5. I'd love that market Linda, enjoy the salmon, and hope the herbs help. Thank you for following my blog.