Friday, September 24, 2010

short update

thanks so much for all your love and appreciated. Its been a whirlwind last week. Becky did have surgery yesterday at the u of W hospital. They removed the largest tumor in her brain, she came through the surgery great. When Mike asked her in ICU how things went she said " A walk in the Park" . This is the first morning we haven't jumped out of bed , gone to the hospital, and stayed til late at night. Becky will be in the hospital a week , then to rehab for two weeks. During that time she'll also have radiation to the other two tumors. She'll regain some movement in her shoulder and elbow but never her hand, and some in her leg. All these things will give her a little more precious time with her family. Mike had a sweet talk with the children that their mom was dying, it was heart breaking , but we were all there to comfort them and answer their questions. The spirits been very sweet in her room and full of love and comfort. Were very aware of everyones love, prayers and well wishes. thank you again.  Now off to see Becky!

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