Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The wig she'd never wear

My dear sweet Becky, I miss you so

My love for you will continue to grow

Your heart-melting smile; your warm embrace

To continue without you brings tears to my face

...Your desires and wishes I’ll always hold dear

The promises made I’ll keep year after year

My memories of you give me strength deep inside

The lessons we learned I’ll use as my guide

May your sweet love forever reside in my heart

In spirit, I wish you’d never depart

Please comfort my sadness with your presence divine

Break through my dark cloud with your heavenly shine

In honor of you, my chin will be high

Determined I’ll walk with a resolute eye

Lovingly teaching our kids hand in hand

So that again, together, a family we’ll stand.
(A poem Mike wrote yesterday)
Funeral arrangements are being made, a beautiful plot was bought, over looking the valley where the children can plant flowers, bring their pictures , a child friendly cemetery. The two oldest girls are doing so well, asking questions when they have them,expressing feelings.....so different from the days when sometimes they didn't even tell you your mother died for weeks. I've got to do alot of child holding and hugging. Just as I was as strong as Becky was, I'll be as strong as these children are. The funeral will be this coming Saturday at 12:30.

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