Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Good news! Becky's set to come home Friday! She's an over achiever! She had alittle scare yesterday when they started giving her a heparin IV to get rid of a blood clot in her leg. They'd already put a sieve in her vein to keep it from going to her lungs or heart, but they pains been so bad they thought they'd try the heparin. It started a bleed on her brain, so they stopped it quickly. She's using her hand, arm, and leg more, enough to walk and take care of herself. So, happy day, she'll be home with her babies. She said she needs to get home before her baby walks, he's doing all sorts of new tricks now. How blessed we are.
pictures from the hospital, the Uof W stadium, Lake Washington,  the floating bridge with the Cascade Mts. in the background.

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