Wednesday, November 3, 2010

My Week So Far

Diapers, hugs, diapers, bottles, diapers, crying, eating, dishes, laundry, diapers, walks, hugs, kisses, diapers, baths, prayers, diapers, talks, picking up toys, tears, throw up, diapers, immunizations, Tylenol. 

No more playing around, it was back to work for Mike today.

Hanging out with dad.

Lots of hugging going on around here! Conner and I still haven't got enough of each other.

Some people just have all the talent! Mike showed me this new shelf he'd made for shoes . He was tired of all the shoes on the floor. I told him he could quit his job and make those for mothers everywhere, they'd pay big bucks!

This is the front of a new medicine cabinet he made for the downstairs bathroom.

Abby holding baby Conner for me.

Lia brought a new violen over yesterday for Madelynn to use at home to practice.She plays at school but, can't bring the schools violen home. Abby got too play it tonight and was making some pretty nice sounds.

Natalie watching Dora on my laptop and Maddy on the DS.Natalie is pretty much addicted to Dora. When she's crying for mommy its pretty much the only thing that'll stop it. And............... she's three and is only happy if she's getting her own way.

Abby and I were working on her blog tonight and she told me she was happy, Madelynn had her moms shawl around her shoulders and her braclet  on when she went to bed tonight, Natalie still can't "find" her mommy. Were all just trying to deal with this, its still just hard to believe Becky's gone .

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