Saturday, November 13, 2010


Years ago my day wasn't complete if I didn't watch Oprah. I fell out of that thank goodness. Having someone up on a pedistal is never good. As I was browsing yesterday I watched a clip from her show with guest Marie Osmond, who talked about loosing her 18 year old son to suicide last year. My heart went out to her as she said that out of all her trials in her life this was the hardest.
A few times Mike and I have talked about the "what if's". What if Becky had gone to a specialist when her lump was first discovered? When Jonathan died I did the same thing, its something you have to work through. The challenge is to not let the "what if's" consume you. I was impressed with Marie's statement , "When your saying "what if" you stop living life, and going forward is what helps you get through the grieving process.

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