Saturday, December 4, 2010


Both of my grandmothers loved spending time on the banks of the Columbia River searching for Indian artifacts, mainly arrowheads. For one grandmother it was a hobby, but for the other it was a passion. We'd visit her small home in Walla-Walla and I remember staring at her walls that were covered with Indian paintings, and frames full of arrowheads. As a child I was fascinated, and always wished I could have one of them. When she died she donated them all to a local museum , along with her collections of old local papers , documents and pictures.  She was funny in many ways. Involved in history her whole life, when I'd ask her questions about her genealogy she was very hesitant to talk and said once, " Your better off concerning yourself with the living".  I still managed to get some wonderful stories from her.

The gene was passed through to my mother and some of my happy memories include looking for arrowheads and agates with her. Prayer became real to me as I'd pray to find the biggest agate of the day. My Manly Man and I still look for agates everywhere we go and we've taught the grandchildren what an agate is. If you listen carefully you could hear our rock tumbler going , day and night, polishing those precious rocks we find so beautiful.

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