Friday, January 21, 2011


After a week with four little ones I just can't say much but gibberish, and WE MADE IT! I told my Manly Man I couldn't have done it without him , and he replied without me you would have found him wandering the streets repeating gibberish , never to be seen again!  And were not exaggerating, it really was that hard!Of course there were sweet moments, the kids were just kids, were just grandparents! It did show me I definitely need that week-end to rest up. It looks from his beautiful pictures that Mike had a great time, I told him last night to have his last good night sleep! The kids miss him and Natalie's been ready to go home for a couple days. Pepper(the cat) has settled right in and except for the fight with Apollo our barn cat I think he'd stay. Right now all three girls are being beautified by a wonderful friend who's older girls dote on them.Thank-you Diane! Natalie amused us all this week, she does say the cutest things. She's very bossy and seriously would rule the world if we let her. Jim took her to the store for a few hours, and she had Quinton wrapped around her finger. She decided not to be potty trained this week , I think the stress was too much.

Well, here's to the week-end!

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