Sunday, January 23, 2011

My Dream House

Yes, yes, my favorite show is "House Hunters International".  Yes, yes, I stay up til 11:00 P.M. to watch the new shows! I love them, love seeing different countries, different homes, different prices and most of all the different country sides. My Manly Man hates this show (except the ones in Italy) but, is very tolerant of me.
SO, where would you find yourself (if you had a choice)?

             I read an article once in Sunset about a couple who traveled and lived all over
                        the world, but, they always came back to the Pacific Northwest!
                                Would that be me?  I'd just love to transport a medieval village
                                      to some pretty place in Washington or Oregon, that would

                                             be ideal! Want to come live in my village?

          Well, if I ever somehow end up in Italy or France, here's what I want  my house to look like.

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