Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Brocante in Washington?

Up early Saturday morning, not easy since I stayed up way to late....

Beth and I were to meet at the fairgrounds to shop til we dropped!

telephone call: Sorry, I've got sick kids. Poor Beth.

since I was up (and dressed!) I decided to go anyway., and am I glad I did! This is probley as close as I'll ever get to shopping in picturesque France at a wonderful Brocante.

But this was called "Ruffles & Rust". It seemed to pass the standards
of a Brocante .....crowded, old stuff, haggling and things
I didn't really need calling my name!

totem poles outside the building

Another pair of shutters! How happy was I!
These will go in the toy room, after
it's painted, and trimed.(someday in the future)


Such a find was this! Aren't these just
a hoot! And they work like a top. I hung
them by my window for the kids to use.
Nothing goes unused at my house!

This is one of my favorite finds, isn't it just
darling. It's just the right heigth for the
children and pushes easily. Child

And last but not least my three lovely little
bowls. I did a little cringe as I put them up
by my cereal bowls.

Thank-you Beth for a lovely time!

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