Friday, February 4, 2011

hearts and ears

TWO things dominated this week.........the Valentine party......sick Conner.  They did not mix!
                             poor Conner with an ear infection  , it took days for a diagnoses , allergic to first
                                     medicine, fever for days, sad, sad boy who needed holding all day long!

Getting ready for Valentine party.............CLEAN house, great way to get the girls room clean, we all need alittle incentive sometimes!   Abby made cupcakes, Maddy brownies, (shhh, I bought). The girls were so excited to have friends from school over.
                      Cute Natalie was probley my biggest helper . We didn't get alot of cards made, but they had fun playing, lots of little girl giggling going on!
             The ONE thing I told the girls "Do not take anyone in my room!!!" Where did they play hide and seek? My room of course! I made them all promise not to tell their moms how messy my room was!
            Do I sound like a MOM or a GRANDMA.........the line is fine some days.

Natalie was the last one at the table...busy making cards.

Diligent Abby

Conner waiting impatiently to be picked up. He also starting throwing
fits this week. So sad.

So, I'm home (all by myself). My Manly Man's on his way to Oregon. The store was out of honey sticks

we take our honey and they ship us back boxes of honey sticks.This is the only place in the states that makes sticks, they ship them all over the states. He has a patent on his machine. We've been on a tour of his operation and he deserves
that patent.
Of course  children & grandchildren will be visited on the trip and a bee club is paying his gas to bring them something or another.
See you Monday dear!

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