Tuesday, March 1, 2011

a little piece of spring

Don't you just love it when your significant other does something
that helps you know they do think of you. My Manly Man brought me
home some new perennials for my garden. I think that's his favorite
thing about the Flower and Garden show, is buying gifts for people.

There's SO much garden wise, you really have to pick and choose,
and that's painful sometimes. This is the first year I haven't
gone and picked out my present. I had a chance to go, but, I chose
not to go with 7 children. Just wouldn't be the same!

So....he brought me four "Lewisia", astorytella Mix. Their, white,
variegated pinks and coral.And they have a sweet, dainty smell to

I can't get pictures to load today , so maybe tomarrow. Oops, I
just pushed a button and it came back.l

Alittle info on these beautiful bouquet's of flowers. They bloom in the spring and sometimes into summer, even giving a repeat bloom at times.
Their low growing, an alpine plant, looks great with sedum and chicks and hens.
Takes full sun and great drainage, water regularly while blooming , then keep dry.

I hear too that we've got five kinds of potatoes to try this year..........and my manly man found a new brand of seeds. Since we haven't seen each other for a week they'll be more on that later!

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