Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Last week we had sick children and sick grandpa. Ear infections, fevers, runaway noses and coughs. This week we continue.........I left my manly man at home recouping when I came over Sun. evening. I took one look at Abbie and was worried. She was on day number six with a fever. Her dad took her in yesterday and she does have pneumonia. The doc said two days on this medicine and she'd be her old self. It's a miracle worker , she had her color back this morning and (spunk). She's not suppose to go to school all week! Last week we read all the "Samantha" books(American Girl series) and this week were half way through "Molly" already. It's hard to stop once you start.I love them as much as Abbie does. Oh, and we finished "Black Beauty" too. So, I guess manly man woke up yesterday feeling alittle more energy , I was worried he might have it too. And here I am still feeling well, what a blessing! (especially seeing all the slobbery kisses, coughs in the face, I've gotten)
We've been pretty healthy this winter .....here's to warmer weather!

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