Monday, April 18, 2011

California or Bust

My Manly Man took off today for a quick trip to Calif. to pick up those wonderful bees.

He'll be back on Wed. with 500 boxes of bees . It's the first year I really haven't gotten into
the  excitement of it, just too much else going on. Our daughter came up from Portland to
man the store Mon.and Tues. and then help with the rush on Wed. People will be lined up
to pick up their bees so they can rush back home and hive them. The sooner in the hive the
healthier they'll be.

It's wonderful to see that people are still interested in bee's and willing to do all the work it
takes to keep them buzzing.  My manly man taught three beginner classes this winter (which
is good for business.)

Enough already! It hailed, snowed , rained and then the sun came out today.

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