Monday, April 11, 2011

The children reminded me we needed to read the scriptures before we went to bed. When their mom and dad are home they read together as a family every night. There was much arguing about how many scriptures each one got to read, who was going to read first.......There were 21 verses in the chapter so it was an even divide with a few left over for me.It brought back memories when my children were small and I had to divide everything from pickles, to cookies , so everything would be "fair".  As we were reading I commented on a scripture, which turned into the most wonderful discussion , mainly with the teen-agers. Moments like that can't be planned, they just happen and you feel privileged  to be part of it.
The kids called today and said they'd put an offer on a house they liked, but, more importantly they liked the area the house was in and it was close to Bethesda. Hope it works for them.
I found her sitting up here happy as can be!

After a long first night I got smart and took Cozy for a ride to get her to sleep. She's used to being nursed to sleep so this was a big change for her. Last night we had to drive alittle longer (I think she was on to me).They call Cozy the little monkey and she's earned that name, climbing on everything. It's been so fun being here, the children have been very helpful and sweet. I've gotten way more hugs and kisses then I do when their at my house.

Last night we open the Pillsbury biscutes for a special treat. John helped me dip them in butter and then cinnamon and sugar for cinnamon pull aparts. They were a hit , gone in a instant. James had a hurt lip so I made them save one for him.

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