Saturday, April 2, 2011

more changes

Watching conference today and tomarrow, always so wonderful!
Change is in the air ...

Mike has closed on a new home, just miles from their
home now. It's so lovely !  The extra space will
be wonderful, but, the most wonderful thing
is the view from every window.
On a nice day Mt. Pilchuck
is right in front of them.

I pictured myself living here through the beautiful summer
but, alas I don't think that is going
to happen!

When I got home the other night Mike said "Oh,
my sister called and she's going to be coming
in three weeks to help out."
I have to admit I cried. It was just such a shock. We knew
she might come . My manly man also had mixed
feelings. She's a wonderful woman, kind,
happy and she loves the children
and they love her.
I'm a believer in timing, so I'm sure the time is right!
I know we'll still be involved in their lives.
Anyway like I said "change"

Next week is Spring Break

I've hired a mother's helper for the week so we can do lots
of good things. When I asked the girls what they
wanted to do, it was interesting what they wanted.
Maddy was Ikea, which we already did.
Abbi wanted to have a picnic
and plant a mommy garden.
We'll probley go see "Hop", It
looks really cute.

I'm also going to think of some kind of service they
can do....any ideas?

Well, they say change is good and I'm sure it will be.

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