Monday, May 23, 2011

here come the Vikings!

Yesterday we had the privilege of going to a Viking Festival to watch our granddaughters do Irish dancing.
The small town of Poulsbo started out as a small fishing village, thanks to the Norwegian immigrants that founded many communities in the area. (I'm not sure where the Irish dancing comes in?). And the only "real" Viking I saw was our grandson Jon as he hid so cleverly in a rhododendron bush because he didn't want to dance with his sisters. All dressed nicely in his white shirt , tie and black pants he hid until his mom said, " Jon you don't have to dance, but, you do have to stay with us!"

They did a great job, brought their grandpa to tears.(he's such a softy)

James and his family came also, here's Britton playing on an
old anchor.

Lovely place

We all partook of many wonderful culinary delights......curly fries..
elephant good!

Lucy and the fries

Little Cozy the mascot

Our oldest grandson Anthony with his cousin John. Two of our darling

After the festivities we were treated by the lovely Lia to a backyard barbecue.
House sold, house packed in three weeks, they'll be moving on to another phase
of their lives. Darn it all!

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