Thursday, May 26, 2011

lessons learned

As Abbi and I were driving to her choir concert tonight we passed a message someone had put up on their fence to read as you passed by. It said, " Make your words sweet and soft , in case you have to eat them".
After I explained what that meant to her and we talked about it alittle, she said to me, " Madalynn (sister) calls me mean names like jerk and stupid. But, I learned that if  I don't  do rude things to her she won't call me names. So , I said "you learned from your mistakes".  Yes, she said, that's why were here on the earth, to learn from our mistakes." So wise.  Then she continued, "And Grandpa learned from his mistake." what was that I asked. "The mistake of saying the petting zoo could use the goats this summer".  Yes, I said that was a big mistake! (grandma took care of that mistake).

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