Friday, May 6, 2011

The lived in look

I was tickled pink yesterday as I watched my sweet friend clean my house.(I do pay her!) She cleans my house like I never do, oh, so lovely. I used to wonder about my Manly Man when I'd be down at the store helping out. Whether I was cleaning the bathroom or bottling honey, he would stand and stare at me. Finally I asked him about it once and he said that it was just so nice to see someone else working and doing his responsibilities he couldn't help but stand still and watch. I understand that feeling now.
So, this morning before Manly Man left for work , I said , "Isn't it nice to have the house clean after these many months." He said he couldn't decide if it looked more lived in or less lived in. He does love to have things laying on the countertops (childhood), newspapers all over the table, his stuff out where he can "admire" it.  Those things we will never agree on, but, as King Phillip said recently when someone asked him how he and the queens marriage lasted so long, TOLERANCE. Yep, that's the key.

Have a wonderful week-end everyone, and Happy Mother's day to all you moms out there.

Costco is fixing dinner for all of us meeting at our house and the boy's will put on the spread and clean up.(I'm making it as easy as I can for them)

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