Sunday, June 12, 2011

Starfish baby love

My daughter took these beautiful pictures of beautiful babies.
She has a way of capturing the souls.

Yesterday was my first chance to talk to granddaughter Rachel
about her trip. She talked non-stop for hours about each child
knowing each name and birthday.
Were planning a trip back to China next year, just her and I.

This 13 yr. old girl is earning the money to go for
a month this time. (the plus of home schooling)
If you want a darling head band you can go to her
Etsy shop.

She was telling me their schedule....children to bed at 6:30 lites out.
So, I said do we go to bed then too? Since volunteers live on the premises.
Oh, you don't have to she says but you'll want to go to bed early because
their all up by 6!

This is CoCo with Gnomeo our traveling Gnome. You
could never tell that she is two. They think she was "bound"
"swaddled" at the orphange she lived at. A few months ago
she couldn't even hold a bottle, nows the latest news is she's
standing up!

Alot of the children Rachel was with will be gone when we go next
year.(that's a good thing!) They are usually adopted by the time they
are three. Two have died since she came home.

Rachel had fun digging through boxes of clothing and dressing them cute. She said
the nannies had terrible taste and it just killed her when she'd pick up a little boy with
pink pj's on with ruffles on the bottom!

Rachel is very passionate about these little ones and I can't
wait to go with her and experience what she has. I always believed
that the best job in the world would be to hold babies.

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