Friday, July 15, 2011

Harry Potter

The final Harry Potter movie.I'm pretty fine without Harry Potter , but my children and grandchildren love it. So, my manly man is watching one family of children and I'm watching another, so parents can attend opening night. James and Beth looked pretty cute when they left tonight, dressed up as "Tonks"?  One of the grandchildren recently asked me if I read Harry Potter to my children when they were little. When I told them there was no Harry Potter then, they got the most horrified look on their the world had ended. These kids have been raised on Harry Potter, reading them as young as six! They come to our house and ask if we have a copy of one or another and the answer is always, "sorry, ours are all in Italian." My Manly Man bought copies when we were in Italy last. 
So, how many fans do we have out there?  Who went to the midnight showing?

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