Friday, July 22, 2011

poor mr. buttercup

It all started Sunday when Mr. Buttercup decided to go feed the goats with my manly man. Hop, skipping and jumping through the grass , an Innocent trip turns into a nightmare for him. He is attacked by our barn cat (left by daughter when she left)( who now we know considers that his territory). His little leg gets bite, not only once as we thought but many times as the vet tells us. We peroxided it like good parents and hot packed it. He seemed to be getting better til Tuesday night when all of a sudden his leg swelled up and he wouldn't move. Running a fever we took him into the vet the next morning.....and $$$$$$ later we picked him up after surgery(we had him snipped also). The next day he had cheered up immensely and played outside with the children, dragging his leg with him.
I still can't figure out who that lady was in the room with him at the vet's.
She was so silly and kept saying things like,
"It'll be alright, I promise".
"Here give me a kiss, I won't let them hurt you."
"Good-by, Good-by, they'll take good care of you."

What's with that????And seriously I have no idea who that lady was!!!!!

Not to change the subject....but...I haven't been able to leave comments on my blog for ages now and I can't figure out how to change that. Anyone have any ideas? thank-you thank-you.

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