Thursday, August 18, 2011

flags flags flags

I had fun catching up on a few tv shows and making flags for some of the
children.  Their so fun to make and really cheer up a room. So..... put your
orders in anyone, just let me know what colors you'd like/ pattern. You'll
notice I had an order for dinosaurs.

Well, I still can't comment on my blog and now not on other peoples blogs,
so maddeningg , please know that I'm reading and sending my love out to

I'm so happy that it's salmon running time again! It's only every other year
and we were out last Dec.! My Manly Man went out ALL day yesterday
and came home with a nice six pounder. He's going out again Monday, they
should be running better by then. He loves to fish and just doesn't get the chance
much, so I'm happy to see him so excited. When you don't have a boat, the next
best thing is to have a friend that does, and he has two of them!

Well, much for the project he started on his last days off. One thing
we can always count on and that's that those projects will always be waiting
for us, just like housework .

When you wait so long to do something that needed to be done years ago
your not surprised when it's much worse than you expected. At lease
it's on his list now!


  1. Fish first fix later.

  2. We all want some!

  3. Love the flags! I'm putting those on my list of potential decor items when I finally get my big boys' room decorated!! They look pretty easy to make--I like easy, lol! :)

  4. Please for Christ sake help this poor boy from Haiti

  5. those flags turned out so cute!!! yeah!!!