Tuesday, August 23, 2011

interview with channel 2 news

interviewer: So, Mrs. Tunnell can you tell us what made you want to start being stung by bees?

Mrs. Tunnell: We've done alot of reading and were impressed by many success stories of people with arthritis and sting therapy

interviewer: So, how is it going and how many stings have you had so far?

Mrs. Tunnell: Well so far I've only had five stings, were starting slowly and building up.

interviewer: Is it painful?

Mrs. Tunnell:  Before I'm stung I ice up the spot, but, the problem is the ladies don't like a cold bum so while were waiting for them to sting me it unfreezes and then they sting me! It hurts for about 15 minutes, then itches madly.

interviewer: What's the funniest part of this so far?

Mrs. Tunnell: Well, last night it was time for a couple stings and Mr. Tunnell had brought three girls from the store in a little queen cage. He let the first one out but didn't catch it in time before it started flying. Then the second one, then the third , until we had three bees flying around our bedroom.  Mr. Tunnell went and got honey on his finger hoping to catch them. Didn't work, so at that point I rolled over and said good night. Poor girls are still flying today.

interviewer: Well, we wish you luck in your endeavor and will be interested  to see the outcome. Please keep us informed.

Mrs. Tunnell: Thank-you all for your encouragement,  we will keep in touch.


  1. Ah, so you are a celebrity now. I knew you when...

  2. I hope the fame won't change the Grandma Linda we know and love!