Friday, October 28, 2011

Well, life has been a tab bit uneventful at our home lately.(I was trying hard not to say (boring))!

Every morning I try to at least stand out on the porch and say hello to my favorite season of the year, take deep breaths of the wonderful fall smells, look at all the cute pumpkins my manly man put on the porch, and then its back inside to rest. I am not a good rester. Is that a word?

I'm off pain pills, which has me feeling things I wasn't last week. It kinda scared me but , the Dr. assured me things arn't falling apart and right now its my bruised ribs that are hurting me.

Food has become more of a problem then a look forward too.(except that wonderful Pumpkin Soup my manly man made for me.)
Yogurt has become my best friend. On the up side I've lost 10lbs!

Did you know the show "Murder She Wrote" has 13 seasons! I've watched way to much T.V., but....I've had my devoted Mr. Buttercup at my side. My manly man will peek in my sick room and say "Just makin sure Mr. Buttercup is doing his job". (their both so sweet)

Mr. Buttercup is happily announcing that we have canceled our trip to Europe in December. I'm alittle sad, but, it was a relief in a way. Were on again for 2013.

I'm also celebrating that we only had to pay $250.00 dollars of the $35,000.00 hospital bill. Thank-you for good health insurance.

Was that too much complaining? If you have any good movies to suggest let me know!

A good week-end to you all!

Oh, and he made pumpkin waffles also that were delish!


  1. Getting back to your old self may take awhile. Let your manly man take good care of you.

  2. I'm sure we all hope you have a speedy recovery. Europe will miss you.

    How about 'Breaking away'; a simple film about a group of young men growing up in a small US town. Funny in places and very watchable, without any killings, explosions, or disasters.

  3. Thanks Cro, I'll give it a try.

  4. Sorry it's taking so long to get back on your feet but it does sound like you have lots of loving care. So nice to recuperate at home as opposed to the hospital eh? To wake up in your own bed with your family and your own things all around you. I believe this helps to speed recovery.
    Movies? Well Halloween is closing in if you like horror movies....maybe that old black and white "The Bad Seed" will be on.

  5. Oh Linda - just wishing you all the best for a speedy recovery. Our Health Service for all its foibles and failings is brilliant - and we pay nothing

  6. yuck I hate being stuck in bed, I'm sorry you are, Momma!

  7. Sorry your still not feeling well. I hope this speeds up for you. Yum! Pumpkin soup. Recipe please! ~Tina