Wednesday, November 2, 2011

cute spooks

These cute little trick or treaters were the only grandchildren we
got to see in person....and boy were they excited.
We usually don't get any children on our street so we quickly got
out some pkgs. of animal crackers. Britton politly said no thankyou.
Then we went to friends down the street who weren't expecting anyone
either so they gave them apples. Three year old Lucy laughed all the way
home and kept saying "That was so funny, they gave me an apple".
They were so cute!

Our Autumn as "Mary Poppins". Isn't she practically perfect in every way!

Lilly, Autumn, Clhoe, Elise and Hannah  (where's my Rachel?)

Elise as our little sailor.

Annika as a lovely angel.(and she really is)

I thought this was pretty funny: My daughter Lia offered all her
children five dollars if they'd wear a costume from something in
the house that didn' t have to be made. Jon was the only one that
did it.......he's a hermit.

James as Mario

Lia and Cozy in their dirndl. Lia made Cozy's cute little dirndl.


  1. Your Rachel was at a halloween party and got home when it was darker. My picture didn't turn out. I was a cowgirl. Mom is going to make me redress-up for another one. :) Looks like Lucy and I were twins.

  2. I love all those pictures Linda. Your lovely family are certainly a treat.

  3. they are all adroable, but I have to admit that Mary Poppins was my favorite! Trick-or-Treat!