Wednesday, November 30, 2011

my favorite cookies

I was craving my favorite peanut butter cookies the other day which was worth driving downtown to one of our favorite little bakery's
"The Snohomish Pie Company". I can bake a mean peanut butter cookie but.......I eat way to many, so....if I only buy 2 my chances of overeating are less.  I love this place and it has saved my bacon more than once! We have kinda a tradition on my manly man's birthday that he has rhubarb pie. They bake a great strawberry rhubarb pie.

I was sad though, as I drove away I noticed one of my favorite little stores "Weeds Variety Store" had closed down. It had some of the most fun children's toys and that's where I bought the granddaughters first silky nightgown sets at.  Change again: it has to happen but that doesn't mean I have to like it!


  1. I recently drove 25 K's to a store that sells Indian pickles (very rare in France), only to find that it had closed.... Very sad, and very annoying!

  2. indian pickles, what are they like cro? 25 k dang~

  3. It's sad when these little stores have to close, though it seems to be a sign of the times. We have lots of empty shops in both Shrewsbury and Welshpool

  4. I, also have found that stores I have loved to shop in have closed. They are usually those small places that sell unique gifts. Economic woes have hit the small retailer badly. It is such a loss.

    I always bake cookies with my grandchildren but make sure I send them home with them or I would eat them all. Good idea to go to a favorite bakery and buy just enough to satisfy a craving.

  5. Linda. A good curry is not complete without Brinjal or hot lime pickle. I recommend them both from the makers 'Patak's'.