Tuesday, November 29, 2011


One of Becky's favorite shows was "The amazing race".She'd tell me all about it as my eyes glazed over. "Don't you like it she'd ask". "Just try it mom I know you'd love it". "I can see you and dad doing the amazing race as much as you like to travel!". On and on and of course I was interested but only because it meant something to her.
When it started this season I thought ok Becky I'm watching this for you because you loved it. Now I know she's giving me that little smile of "I told you so!".
Yes, I love the show and each week when it's over I can't wait for the next one. But, you were wrong Becky on one account. Daddy and I couldn't do the great race (at least this year).
I was so busy the year after Becky died, maybe these last few months of quiet I've done some of the grieving I didn't get to do in my business.
I'm so grateful for God's love and comfort. I know he understands what I've been going through. Life has to go on, you just can't give up, as much as you'd like to some days.What's the old saying , " Upward and Forward"!

And then God sent Mr. Buttercup into our lives. It's been very healing to have something to nurture and care for.The grandchildren adore him, the last thing Luna said to me before she left Saturday was ,"take care of Mr. Buttercup for me".  Seeing Natalie carry around that now huge cat was so cute.
My grandchildren.
They give me something to live for, how I love and adore each and every one of them. I just loved sitting with them this week-end, quietly talking, working on crafts. Lots of hugging, that's the best. How could I give up when I see how brave Becky's children have been through this. Eight year old Abby told me she knew her mom was at Thanksgiving dinner with us. I readily agreed, Becky always loved a good get together!  

Well, I must get up and get busy. Finish cleaning my room, work on a Christmas present I'm making(Christmas isn't Christmas if you don't make at least one thing), run a couple errands...............like I said life has to go on. Thanks for letting me talk about Becky, I miss her so much.

Miss Natalie
She held Mr. Buttercup even when
he didn't want her too. Death grip!


  1. A lovely thoughtful post - I am sure that writing about things helps.

    Pomona x

  2. I think Mr.Buttercup is going to be bigger than Natalie.

    Grief is a gift. I'd rather grieve than forget.


  3. Oh Linda, your words were so full of love and strength. Becky would be so proud of you.

  4. It always helps to talk. I'm sure she was there with you for Thanksgiving.
    Um...I'm hoping Mr Buttercup has been declawed.

  5. Yes ... in everything that you've said Linda. Love Molly xxx

  6. Loved this post as I do all of them ;-) Pets do that they can take your mind off of other things and it feels so good to just pet them they love you no matter what( and they are funny!! )(makes us smile) ....and grandkids are just wonderful!!! take care Linda and feel better day by day! Love you Penny

  7. I've found that remebering them and all "little things" is the best way to feel close to those we miss. Stay strong...

  8. thank you for all your sweet thoughts. I have my "Becky days" once in a while.