Thursday, December 8, 2011

my manly man

We have so many pictures just like this but with different
grandchildren! My manly man says he bores them to
death. He's so sweet, well they both are. I'm so
thank-ful for my sweet husband.  Here's some
of the things I admire about him.
1. he loves to help
2. he's a devoted father and husband
3. he's a hard worker and has always supported his family.
4. he loves God and sticks to his beliefs
5. he has a cute sense of humor(great one liners)
6. he loves nature
7. he plays with my cat even though he's always
been a devoted cat hater.
8. he's so patient with me!
9. he's promised me he'll wear sackcloth and
ashes when I die.
10.  He'll do just about anything for me.


  1. how sweet he is! Penny

  2. You have definitely got the man you deserve!

  3. You are a lucky lady, and I think your manly man is fortunate to have such a loving wife.

  4. Sounds like a keeper to me.

  5. He is pretty awesome. But he's pretty lucky, too :) And I love he's sleeping powers!