Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A few miles from my daughter Sarah's house you drive through
hazelnut groves. Oregon is the largest hazelnut producer in the
United States.

Sarah's hooked us up to one of the farmers and now we can
buy hazelnuts in 25lb bags. They run them through a "cracker"
so all we have to do is separate them.

I'm sending vibs to my manly man......please make me
a "Heavenly Hazelnut " pie. It is utterly delicious.

This was our birthday girl this week-end. Luna turned
eight Saturday. As I watched from the side lines, the
spongbob party goings on, I was so impressed at how
kind Luna was to her friends. I've always known that about
her, but, I was glad to see it hadn't changed.

This is Sarah's youngest daughter Lilly. She was in dress-up.
The girls each have a Korean traditional dress but mom found
this at goodwill so she gets to wear it whenever she wants. Isn't
she cute.


  1. One of my great childhood memories is going down to our hazelnut 'grove' (probably only 4 trees), spreading sheets underneath, then shaking like crazy until all the nuts fell to the ground. I recently bough a handful of very large nuts from a supermarket with the idea of sowing them. Nothing came up; I think they'd been treated with something nasty!

  2. wonderful memories. We've successfully grown a couple hazelnut trees but the squirrels steal all the nuts! Nutty things!

  3. I also have a hazelnut tree. Our squirrels are equally well fed.

  4. Sad to be missing parties. :( ...and hazelnuts. :(
    I hope you have a wonderful trip to China!

  5. Lilly is a cutie and so is Luna. I can't believe Luna is 8.She's just a little older than our granddaughters Izabella and Lilly.Time flies by so fast!