Saturday, January 7, 2012

Happy Birthday Becky

Happy Birthday dear sweet daughter of mine. I miss you
calling me and saying , " hey mamacita, what's up?"
You always made me laugh....I love you for that.
Miss you sweetie, miss you.
So were all meeting at Applebee's today to have
a birthday party for you. Half off appetizer's, just like
you loved. We'll never forget you sweetie.


  1. Sending you my warmest thoughts and a prayer for Becky's little family today.

  2. I miss Becky too! She was so great for being able to make people laugh! They must be having an absolute party up there in heaven with her. Happy Birthday Becky.

  3. Beautiful memories of Becky. Remembering you all in my prayers.xx

  4. Linda my thoughts and prayers from across the pond. Such a precious lovely photo of you both together xx

  5. Happy birthday Becky! :-) I am finally leaving Maries house it will be hard for her and as hard for me watching her Love Penny