Sunday, January 22, 2012


Yep, I jinxed us. I talked to two of my daughters Wed. and said the ill fated words. "We never loose our power".
That night we lost our power.
We came home from church to lights on today. Finally.
It really wasn't that bad, we have a wood stove downstairs that kept us
warm, heated food, water on it. Oil lamps.                            
 Someday we'll tell our great grandchildren about
the storm of 2012 and that we were without the Internet for FIVE days!
They'll throw their hands up in horror.


Now we know why the pioneers wore nite caps!
Trying to stay warm!

Huddled together for warmth. Actually they really like
each other. No surprise, but it looks like
"Little Miss Buzz Saw" is staying.(That's what my
manly man named her.)


  1. So far we haven't lost power here - but I fill up the pots with water before I go to bed at night just in case!

  2. An occasional power cut makes us realise how few services we really need. I welcome them (but not too often).

  3. What a beautiful photograph of the cats - they look very comfortable with each other.
    Power cuts can be fun (for a short time) but five days .. eek!

  4. That was quite a long power outage. The good thing about it is the great relief you feel when it comes back on.

  5. Can't wait to meet the new kitty. Power outages aren't any fun. We had a really short one when it snowed at our house, but not 5 days.

  6. OMG that wee man just melts your heart. Lovin' the new kitty.