Sunday, January 1, 2012

My Manly Man came home from daughters houses all excited to
show me everything he had learned on his new i phone.(thanks Sarah)
He's very cute. Being Scrabble players , we played Scrabble on it
while we were out to lunch yesterday. The main thing he got it for was
so he could run credit cards on it during the Flower and Garden show next
Month. He runs a booth  selling Mason Bee houses ,dvd's, and cocoons.
It usually brings in alot of business at the store, great advertising. Last
year he said he wasn't doing it again..........It is fun.
So, here we are learning to do new things with electrical gadgets and
so proud of ourselves! Now, I need someone to help me with my new Kindle Fire, or I guess I could finish reading the manuel.
The next favorite present was the new toaster. You only have to
push it down once and it stays! No more slamming it ten times to get it down.Much more peaceful mornings. We call it the silver 2000.

Now this little sign I love! Thanks Rachel!(If only it were true)


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  2. Is that an 'Airstream' toaster?

  3. That is one cool toaster.

  4. Wow - that's what a modern toaster looks like...
    I received a KOBO VOX for Christmas - and it terrifies me!

  5. Linda it's great to do new things and your toaster looks very cool.