Saturday, February 18, 2012

Starfish day #4

The grumpy nannie I've Been stalking (helping) smiled at me yesterday. And was nicer to her childeren.  Helped her hold down a couple Of childeren to give them medicine,  I think we bonded.
It' Freezing here! So glad I made a last minute. change and brought a heavier coat. There's no heat In our room but we sleep warm. under comforters. The children's. rooms are heated but the nanny'sKeep the windows open I guess for fresh air. Hence the three layers of clothes onthe children.
Rachel's. running a fever and is all stuffed up. Think I'll. stay. home from church and keep an eye on her.
Forgive the state. Of my blog, I'm. typing on a little. pad and I'm. Terrrible at it. I email my daughter and she posts. for me. I don't. get blogger or facebook only e mail.
Oh! there's a beautiful songbird outside my window.


  1. I'm enjoying the window on a whole other world and experience via your posts, Linda. Stay warm and stay well!

  2. I don't think you're missing much back home. Politics, politics, politics!

  3. brrrr....Poor Rachel of all darn times!!! take care Penny