Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Why do they call them fanny packs and why have they
gone "out of style" ?  I prefer "waist" packs and I don't
care if their not in style I'm carrying one with me to China
I've taken the back pack, the purse over the shoulder,
the under the clothes thing for money & passport but now
I'm finally old enough that I don't care what anyone thinks,
and only care about convenience. And "waist packs" are
perfect for traveling!

I was telling my manly man that I haven't even left yet and
I can't wait to get home to my bed. I had my first flu shot
yesterday, I've always been alittle scared of them....just sure
I'd get a terrible case of the flu from it. Well, my fears were
for naught.(so far!)

My travel companion filled my car this week-end with
donations for the Starfish House. Books to burp cloths.
I'm amazed at how much baggage were allowed to bring,
a carry on plus two good sized check ins. Our check ins
will consist of Rubbermaid totes full of donations.

I still can't believe I'm part of this, such a blessing.


  1. I love this post! You are so funny :) And I'm glad you had a good time this weekend. I heard your talk was very good! Sorry I missed it.

  2. Well, if you have the fanny pack, then I don't have to have one. :) I think I'll go for the purse over the shoulder. I have 2 more totes full to bring up. :) How did your talk go?

  3. Linda - they're called 'bum bags' here but I agree with you, they are very practical. Hope you're flu jab goes well - I had a bit of reaction when I had mine last October but it didn't last too long. Have a brilliant trip.

  4. The 3 rules of travel. 1. Take twice the amount of money you think you'll need. 2. Take half the amount of clothes you think you'll need. 3. Never leave your hotel with more money (etc) than you'll need for that particular day. Bon Voyage!

  5. I'm so happy for you that you are going to China.What a blessing for those babies to have you there and such an experience for you to share about!