Friday, March 30, 2012

cameno island

It was alittle chilly!

I actually did something spontaneous today! A friend called to see if I'd like to go with her to pick up half a beef on Cameno Island. Give me thirty minutes I said. I jumped in the shower, and was out the door when she drove up.
We had lots of fun exploring, checked out their beautiful state park, stopped at a view spot (where the picture was taken) and kept an eye a beautiful eagle at the top of a tree close to us. Every once in a while he'd cock his head and look right at us, not afraid , just keeping an eye on us. Such beauty!
Cameno Island is kinda in a "banana belt".It didn't rain at all while we were on the Island but right when we got close to I-5 it started raining again. 


  1. Did you get half a beef too? I need to find me some!

  2. Sounded like fun! Penny