Wednesday, March 14, 2012

starfish and vinegar

Again this morning were greeeted with sprays of vinegar water as I make a dash from the dining room to my bedroom. All the rooms it seems get sprayed once a week to "purify" the air.I know vinegar has a thousand different uses but I'd never heard this one used. If I could get on google I'd look it up. The children have to be out of the room for about an hour afterwards. Just wondering if its good for our little babies.
Our two Chinese roommates had isolation room duties last night,I guess they had a rough night their both back in bed. Three little ones under six months. Poor things.


  1. I think I might try that! I bet vinegar doesn't hurt them a bit and totally freshens the air!

  2. I looked on the internet and found numerous uses of vinegar as a disinfectant and as a air freshener/deoderizer, although none specifically as an air disinfectant.

  3. yupyup. That's why I take it when I'm getting sick- it kills most living things because of its' low pH level. Most living things survive in a pH level close to water (in the middle), and so when they experience a much lower or higher level of pH- the living cell can't buffer the pH difference and goes Kaputt (I'm not sure if that's how you spell kaputt...:)