Monday, March 26, 2012

This is MaryAnn , we got to watch her take her first steps.

We had fun one morning playing with balloons, I'd found
a big bag of them in the store room. That's Charlotte looking
on in the purple sweater. She's being adopted by a couple here
in Seattle.  Below her is Chloe , who had cataracts when she
came and is very near sided. Her glasses get broken so easily
they haven't replaced them. Every balloon I gave her she popped
on purpose! Little stinker. She's a sweetie and one of the oldest

I'm so excited! No names here but, someone we have an acquaintance with
is interested in adopting a child from Starfisih House. Yippy!!
While I was in China , my manly mans biggest fear was that

1. I would write him to sell everything and join me.

2. I would want to bring home a baby.

Well, I did write him about adopting Zander. He was alittle worried
til Sarah found out the oldest you could be was 55, which make
us exempt. I know, I know I look way younger then my years.....ha ha.
But.....shhhhhh I haven't told him sometimes they'll make an
exemption if you adopt an older child.( at 14 they throw you out
I guess in the streets).

A piece of information I had wrong was that "Chinese can't adopt
orphans". They can and would except they have to pay as much
as other countries and cannot afford it. What a shame!

Got to see grands last night for the first time since I got was
wonderful! John who usually doesn't give me alot of time was
all over me, he was so sweet, even his bonks on the head
were sweet. When I called after church to see if I could
drop by, Lucy answered the phone. After talking for
a minute I asked if I could talk to her mom quickly."When
I'm through talking to you," she said. I'm afraid I tricked her
and said we'd talk afterward again. Britton is so fun to talk
to , she carries on a great conversation for a six year old!


  1. Oh my we do head bonks also! gee could it be a daughter???? Penny

  2. I was pretty sure you were going to bring Xander home ;)