Friday, April 13, 2012

James holding Little Miss Buzz Saw

Jon holding Mr. Buttercup (Isn't he huge!)

The children have really enjoyed the cats this
week. They don't have any pets right now, so their
getting their fill.
The other day I stopped my lawn mowing in time to look
up and see Cozy holding a duck around the neck with both
hands just walking down the path . I put the duck back in its pen
and locked the door. Cozy (3) was so mad she stomped her
foot and then tried to get her brother to open the door. So then their
mom finds James standing on a stump he'd rolled over trying to
unhook the lock , but, he still couldn't reach it.
We've had a great week just hanging out together, eating good food, sewing
gardening. How can you not love a
daughter that helps you weed!

Cozy's worm family. We found lots of worms that
day gardening.


  1. A lot less frightening than your last post. Tabby's have always been my favourites.

  2. A bet the cats loved being spoilt by the children too. Not so sure whether the duckie enjoyed it too much though :0) Linda good job you were on hand to rescue it or might have been roast duck for dinner.