Sunday, April 22, 2012

over the mountains

Washington is a very diverse state. I grew up in Eastern Washington which is desert. We used to make trips to Western Washington once in a
while to visit my aunt that lived here. But for some reason I never thought
of myself ever living in Western Washington, even though it was far more beautiful .  It was my manly man's job that brought us here. A career with the FBI  usually means alot of moving around, except for us of course , who were sent to Texas and probley would still be there if we hadn't
made an effort to get out of there. Basically my husband said ,"We've got
to get out of here before our children start marrying people from Tx.!
So, in your career your given one office of preference. Usually 15 years after being in or so. Seattle had a long list of people who wanted it as their city of choice. Fortunately  Jim's knowledge of Russian was what got us here (an undercover assignment). I've digressed....

We went over the mountains (still lots of snow on the pass)
and then slowly down into a valley.

The Kittitas Valley, my pictures don't do
it justice.

Then before you know it your in the sagebrush and
along the Columbia River.

The beautiful Columbia River was our entertainment
when we were growing up. Skiing, rafting, swimming,
and walking along. We passed two dams one of them Wanapum
Dam which my manly man's father helped built. (He was an iron worker)

I'm afraid I didn't take any pictures at the wedding but this
one. This is my manly mans brother Guy and wife Heidi, they
were up from the Napa Valley in California. So good to see them!

So glad we got to go but I'm always glad to get home!


  1. Lovely to see those pictures of your area. I'm afraid we Europeans usually know very little of the USA. We can usually pinpoint New York, Florida, and California.... and that's it (if you're lucky)!

  2. Washington is such a beautiful state, and you live in a gorgeous part of it!