Friday, April 6, 2012


Do you ever have projects that seem like they'll be so simple and they just
go on and on and on.
And then there are the projects that never quite got done and
you just don't care.
And then there are the projects that your husband rolls his eyes
at that he ends up actually liking!

Here's the projects that were STILL working on...

My little 6x6 bathroom (suppose to have been easy)
still no water or shower.(I've got someone to help )

We have no front steps or deck....have to use the back door.(my son in law
is going to build it)

Clearing the wood from taking the tree down and
stump removal.(I've got someone who wants the wood)

We'll see what the future will plan is to have them done
by the beginning of June.

Bee week is coming up in a couple weeks and it's been buzzing
at the store, our busiest time of year. Manly Man is super busy
and stressed.

Were hoping he can be at his 60th birthday party in a week (and his mothers 80th, and two granddaughters (all born on the 14th)) Lia's even coming from Maryland! Hopefully we'll snap some pictures as he
comes and goes!

What I've learned from the frustration of unfinished projects:
1. don't think about it.
2. divert your eyes, don't look at it.
3. calm yourself, no one cares but you anyway.
4. go out in the woods and give a good scream, chop down
a tree, throw glass jars against a wall, hit a pillow over
and over.
5. laugh about it (like Rachel and I did in china everytime
I got an email from my manly man.) (sorry honey)

Thanks for listening, I do feel better!


  1. Ha! If I let my unfinished projects bother me...I think I'd be crazy! Given, mine are a lot smaller than yours. :)

  2. I do number 2,but often feel like doing number 4 when that situation arises (which it often does).

  3. I've been there - right there! There was a bathroom project that took two years - and even after that I lived with a plywood floor for some time. I live in dread of a new project!